The only Hearing Loss Treatment to improve hearing fast: THE HEARING FIX

“To improve hearing” is a hard goal to attain for the thousands of people out there suffering from hearing deficiencies. There are a few available avenues of treatment available to find what works and what doesn’t. Hearing aids address one part of the issue: what you hear. The avenue of procedures like tympanoplasties might be necessary to improve hearing in a damaged ear. These are more intrusive, and in many cases necessary to heal the hearing structure. The last avenue one can take to address hearing loss is what goes on after the sound leaves the ear and travels into the processing centers of the brain. The Hearing Fix is a natural, non-prescription approach to stimulating short and long term improvement in hearing loss recovery and protection.

The third stage of hearing occurs at an incredible rate. In a mere fraction of a second, your brain is sent an electrical impulse with all the information to process what your ear hears. If your brain’s neurotransmission abilities are being impaired by the absence of necessary chemicals, this product will work to improve and build your body back to balance. The organic compounds are things like Vinpocetine, Dimethylaminoethenol, Choline Bitartrate and Alpha lipoic acid that are used to build these transmission structures and are necessary to keep them up to speed.

Vinpocetine is known to increase blood flow in and around the brain. Providing fresher food/supply for the brain will mean better neuronal functioning in areas such as hearing. The “things that hear” inside the ear are actually made up of tiny hairs. These ultra-sensitive hairs can become damaged and require increased blood flow to promote possible re-stimulation. Also a sign that increased blood flow is needed to the ear is the presence of certain disorders and free radicals. When lack of blood flow occurs in areas of the ear, disorders and free radical molecules are more likely to occur because of loss of cell strength and structure. So it’s best to keep the blood flowing properly in and around the ear if you want to protect against or correct hearing loss.

Experts making The Hearing Fix recommend a full 90 day regimen to experience the long term benefits of the supplement. Many of the active ingredients seek to not only protect but also improve hearing by increasing levels of chemicals that are commonly deficient in people experiencing hearing loss. Many people have taken prescription drugs in the past. Many times these drugs can cause unknown and easy to miss chemical and nutrient deficiencies in the brain as well as the body.  These deficiencies are one of the leading causes to molecular breakdown and free radical presence in the ear. There is valuable information concerning this in a write-up on a research trial done called “Free Radicals and Hearing. Cause, consequence, and criteria,” by Evans P, Halliwell B. at the International Antioxidant Research Centre, University of London King’s College, UK.  “Certain drugs may induce oxidative stress by forming drug-derived radicals that can not only deplete the antioxidant defenses but can also react directly with biomolecules.”

It is vital to those wishing to correct hearing loss to check on information provided by medical universities on the damage of free radicals and the body’s vital organs. Many confirmed studies have shown antioxidants like the ones contained in the hearing loss treatment “The Hearing Fix” fight free radicals extremely effectively. “Their (free radicals) production is normally controlled by the antioxidant defense mechanisms that include intracellular enzymes–for example, glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase–and low molecular-mass compounds such as vitamin E or ascorbic acid (same source as above citation).

Free radicals are possibly the source for much more than people realize; “oxidative stress (relates to the presence of free radicals) can damage all major biomolecules in vitro and probably in vivo” (same source as above). As these studies suggest a consistent antioxidant regimen can be a large protector to ward off oxidative stress that occurs at times in excess. As things wear down or age, they release these chemicals as well. What can’t be overlooked is that on a daily basis stresses (in this case noise) can cause this process to happen far more quickly. This results in the premature degradation of the very thing you’re trying to keep: your hearing.

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